"Eddy's Job" is the first half of the first episode in the fourth season.

Summary Edit

Marvin and his carnival coworkers ask Jack to hire some much-needed help. When an eager, young boy named Eddy comes along, Jack hires him on the spot. Marvin takes Eddy on a tour and introduces him to everyone, including Elizabeth the Emotional Pig, who accidentally breaks Edna's crystal ball. Luckily, Edna has a whole box of them and certainly doesn't need a crystal ball to predict that Eddy and everyone at the carnival are going to become great friends.

Characters Present Edit

  • Marvin (debut)
  • Eddy Largo (debut)
  • Stripes (debut)
  • Diamonds (debut)
  • Elizabeth the Emotional Pig (debut)
  • Fast-Talking Jack (debut)
  • Edna (debut)

Song(s) Edit

  • "I Just Got to Dance" sung by Marvin

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